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We should all be more Christian, like Cameron

David Cameron released a Christmas message, in which he encourages us all to think about the great Christian values that make our country strong.


The bible claims (Matthew 2:13) that when Jesus was a baby, his family fled to Egypt to avoid the persecution of Herod, who was killing all baby boys. There’s a bit of a lack of detail, but we assume that the Pharaohs didn’t try to demonize them for their own political gain. How does that compare to the UK?

With no apparent sense of irony, Cameron also remarks on how lucky we are to be secure with our families around us, while millions of refugees are spending a harsh winter in makeshift camps across the middle east. That comes in the same week as the news that we have housed just 1000 refugees so far. Compare that to Germany, who are buckling under the weight of nearly a million refugees, and you start to wonder just what happened to our Christian values.

The poor

The bible tells us that Jesus had pretty strong opinions about the poor – basically that we should be nice to the poor. For example, in Mark 10:21 he told a rich man “go, sell all that you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven”.

In contrast, Iain Duncan Smith agrees that the poorest working families will be worse off by £1600 next year thanks to his benefits cuts, and suggests that they all just go out and work an extra 200 hours to make up for it. Not exactly the rich looking after the poor.

The sick

Again the bible tells us that Jesus was generally sympathetic towards the sick. Admittedly 1st century medicine was a little basic, so praying was just about the best that was on offer, but it seems to have been pretty effective, with Jesus curing leprosy, blindness and other sicknesses at a rate otherwise unheard of in pre-antibiotic times.

The UK record on health is not doing so well. Funding is being slashed by £18bn, and junior doctors are being screwed for every penny possible. Waiting lists are up, and health is down.

Anyone unlucky enough to become long term sick is also in trouble, with strong evidence that government cuts in disability benefits causing increasing levels of hardship and suicide.

Tax collectors

Jesus really wasn’t a fan of tax collectors. Luke in particular vilifies them as the worst kind of sinner. The main gripe is when the tax collected is unfair, and then goes to the rich.

One of the most evil Tory taxes is the bedroom tax, where people who are deemed to have too many rooms have their benefits docked. It doesn’t matter if the person is disabled and the room is for a 24 hour carer to sleep in – they get docked anyway. Last week the government admitted that the tax was resulting in people going without food just to make ends meet.

Other tax news recently had George Osborne propose a 93% tax rate for the poorest. The richest by contrast had their tax rate cut to 45% by the Tories.

Happy Christmas

It’s pretty evident that the government has been looking to the bible for inspiration. Jesus spelled out a great list of evil things, and the government seems to be uptaking them all with great gusto. Mwhahaha!

May re-ignites refugee bashing

Home Secretary Theresa May used the Tory party conference to re-ignite the anti-refugee and anti-migrant rhetoric. She used the opportunity to pretend that economic migrants are flooding in to our country, and intentionally muddled refugees with migrants in the hope that the general public can’t understand the difference between the two. She also peddled the populist idea that migrants are stealing the jobs of British people, despite all evidence to the contrary. Mwhahaha.

Unfortunately, people who aren’t seeking re-election and who aren’t seeking to beat Osborne to succeed David Cameron, have chimed in with some actual statistics. In fact the Home Office itself has admitted that there is little evidence that economic migrants steal British jobs, but instead they help economic growth and plug vital skills gaps, in particular in the NHS. Hopefully the government can suppress the civil service in future so that we can govern by fear, not facts.

Prisons to be filled with illegal immigrants

At the moment, when an illegal immigrant is caught in the UK (as opposed to an asylum seeker), they are meant to be deported. However, that doesn’t happen very efficiently, and there are thought to be many known illegal immigrants living in the UK.

An obvious solution to this would be to deport people as soon as they are found to be actual illegal immigrants. However, the government has a much more evil plan. Instead they are going to jail illegal immigrants for up to 6 months before deporting them. Why is that evil? Because jailing someone for 6 months can cost about £80k.

It’s not just the utter waste of taxpayers money that makes this evil. That cost is hundreds of times as much as we would spend on helping an asylum seeker. Someone who has fled their home or been forced out of it by war and conflict gets just £36.95 a week to live on. We are willing to spend a fortune on punishing people who come here to work illegally, but not willing to spend a fraction of that helping those in need. And since many prisons have been privatized, this will be money going straight in to the pockets of the likes of G4S and Serco. Mwhahaha.

And to add to the stupidity of this plan is the very real problem of prison overcrowding. Our prisons are already completely full, with multiple prisoners being crammed in to cells designed for one. The government recently realized that it has been counting the number of prisoners in overcrowded cells wrong, and there are in fact 20,000 prisoners in overcrowded cells. This is not just an issue of safety, but it also prevents rehabilitation, increases unrest, increases the chance of suicide, and poor health. Anything that needlessly increases the prison population is clearly evil.

Afghan translators left to die

Regardless of your views on the war in Afghanistan, one thing is not in dispute – the troops on the ground deserve our respect and help. The soldiers didn’t decide to go to war, but they did their best for our country when ordered to do so, and have done their best for the Afghan people after the war. And none of that would have been possible without the help of Afghan translators. They are locals who put their lives on the line to ensure that the UK forces could talk to the locals – whether talking to people in the streets, interpreting intercepted communications, or negotiating cease fires with Taliban leaders.

Unsurprisingly, the Taliban regard these people as traitors, and are out to torture and kill them;

These people were working directly for the UK armed forces, and put their lives on the line for doing that. Their work saved the lives of countless UK service men and women, and as long as they had served on the front line and were actively working for us in December 2012, they have been granted asylum in the UK. However, anyone who stopped working before that, or started after have been denied asylum. 200 people who served for us in total have been denied our help. David Cameron has even refused asylum for his own interpreter. Mwhahaha.

Lord Dannatt, former head of the army, has spoken out to say that the government is failing in it’s moral obligation to support these people whose life is still in danger thanks to working for us. Not only that, but it puts our troops in future danger by making it less likely that local people will want to help our troops in future. It would be trivial for David Cameron to grant asylum to these 200 people, but it’s just not important to him.

Cut benefits for the young to get rid of the EU migrants

Everyone knows that the EU migrants are the worst thing to happen to this country (other than non-EU migrants). They come over here and steal our jobs – even though unemployment is falling, that must be true. They might contribute far more to the economy than the average Briton, but that’s not the point. And as well as stealing our jobs, they claim our unemployment benefit. And EU regulations just let them. Yes, it’s true that UK citizens also head abroad and claim even more benefits, but that’s not the point. We should be allowed to do it, but not them – that’s the evil way.

So, how do we clamp down on this fair trade and free movement? We stop migrants from claiming benefits for 4 years. That doesn’t sound particularly evil you say? Perhaps – although how would you feel if you moved to France, and were out of work for a month between jobs. Would you want the state to make sure you didn’t starve? The EU doesn’t want you to, so has a law that says that you must treat all EU citizens, whether native or migrant, equally.

To get round that pesky requirement, the UK government has a brilliantly evil plan – no-one, including UK citizens, will be allowed benefits for the first 4 years. So 18 year olds will no longer qualify for benefits – they’ll have to wait until they are 22. Which is exactly what the government would like to do anyway. Mwhahaha. Don’t you love it when the EU gives you a handy excuse to be evil anyway? It’s just a proposal at the moment, but lets hope we can screw them over – they wouldn’t have voted Conservative anyway.