Maximum Evil Achieved

Our job is done – the UK is now as evil as it can get. Boris and Nigel have successfully tricked the British public in to voting for economic suicide by lying to them about what leaving the European Union means.

Leave voters have now admitted that they voted Leave to get £350m a week for the NHS. The Leave campaign have said that despite that pledge being on the side of their bus, they didn’t mean it;

Other voters say they wanted to stop immigration. The Leave campaign have now admitted that they have no plans to stop immigration at all;

But according to post Brexit polls, most people voted to Leave to allow the UK to have a final say in the laws that get passed in the country. However, if we leave the EU and still want to trade with them (and we probably do – they account for a large chunk of our economy) then, like Norway, we have to accept EU laws and don’t even get any representation like we do today, so we have less sovereign control than before.

Boris’s Leave campaign has delivered nothing that it promised, has cost the world one trillion dollars, but at least he’s in line to be the next Prime Minister.

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