Clamp down on democracy continues

David Cameron has been doing his best to clamp down on democracy. He is putting in place measures to cut funding to the Labour party by changing the rules on union funding. He’s also drastically cutting the funding that all opposition parties receive in a bid to stop them forming an effective opposition.

Now that the Left is taken out of the picture, Cameron’s next step is to take care of the other people who can stop his quest for unfettered power – the grass roots Conservative Associations. Mwhahaha.

At the moment there are 650 Conservative Associations throughout the country, and as can be seen in this photo from Ipswich Central Conservative Club, they are a dynamic hotbed of political debate, with grey haired members of all ages. Even women can join these days if they fancy a spot of Cribbage or Dominoes (Fives and Threes that is, not that foreign food).

Ipswich Central Conservative Club
Ipswich Central Conservative Club

The problem for David Cameron is that these 650 associations are responsible for selecting MPs and even the next PM. And rather than being in favour of whichever candidate will do the best to earn themselves a handful of non-executive directorships, or otherwise grease the way for their own profit at the expense of the poor, statistically the club members tend to be more of the view that whoever will increase their pension and send foreigners home is the right man for the job. Or lady for the job. But probably a man.

So, rather than leaving the future wealth of David and his friends is in the hands of people outside of his control, he is proposing to change the way these associations work, and merge them from 650 down to 90 associations, each of which will have less influence on politics. And with no accountability from the left or the right, David can do what he wants. Mwhahaha.

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