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Fresh assault on the Lords

The House Of Lords has been thwarting a lot of potential evil recently. The most high profile being simply asking for the cuts to tax credits to be delayed until increases in the minimum wage came in, which of course prevented the government from throwing as many people in to poverty as it wanted.

This frustrating habit of sticking up for the ordinary person is particularly annoying for David Cameron, who has plans for further evil which he fears the House of Lords will block. The Financial Times this morning reports how frustrating this is for the government, and how they aim to thwart it.

The FT reports that Tory peer Lord Strathclyde is going to propose that the Lords will lose all power of veto over secondary legislation. This is in line with the government’s strategy to push as many evil plans as possible through as statutory instruments rather than bills. Statutory instruments are not subject to the same level of scrutiny, so are easier to force through. If the Lords lose all power over statutory instruments, the government will essentially be able to do whatever it likes, with no-one to challenge it. Mwhahaha.

War (What is it good for)?

Today MPs will vote on whether or not the UK should join with our international allies in bombing Syria. While you might expect that such a decision would be based on things like “will this help security in the UK” and “will this help the Syrian people” and “will this reduce terrorism”, David Cameron has instead changed the argument to “are you a terrorist sympathiser or not”. Mwhahaha.

This is classic school yard bully tactics: “If you don’t shoplift with me, you are gay” was an example of the bully’s logic – as if possessing morals somehow indicated or altered your sexual preferences in a particular direction. The other classic bully tactic is forming a gang of fellow thugs who all must do the same thing, or risk being ostracised. And this is exactly what Cameron is doing. While Labour have told MPs to vote how they see fit on bombing Syria, David Cameron has told the Tories all to vote for bombing, and if they don’t, they are a terrorist sympathiser.
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