Food banks aren’t needed because some people are obese

Lord Prior of Brampton, Minister for NHS Productivity, has been quoted as saying that there is no link between between food bank use and the changes in benefits policies. He has also noted that it’s strange that people are using food banks while so many people are obese.

Former investment banker, Lord Prior, was taken to task by numerous food banks and the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, who noted that between 35 and 45 percent of visitors to food banks said that they were there because of benefit cuts or sanctions leaving them without any food to eat.

Reasons for food bank use – Trussell Trust

Food bank use in the UK has increased massively over the past few years, with the Trussell Trust giving out 40 times more emergency food packages than in 2008.

increase in food bank use – Trussell Trust

It’s not surprising to see the wealthy elite being occasionally ignorant of the use of food banks. For example, Michael Gove claimed that food bank use was just due to poor money management, and Tory Peer Baroness Jenkin claimed the poor should just learn to cook porridge. But for a Health Minister to equate obesity with a lack of poverty is either absurd ignorance or pure evil. Mwhahaha.

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