Tories block first aid training

Labour MP Teresa Pearce introduced a private members bill on Friday to ensure that all children get basic first aid training in school. The idea is to save lives by ensuring that everyone knows basic skills like CPR, and the bill has cross party support as well as the backing of the British Heart Foundation , the British Red Cross, and St John Ambulance. However, Tory bill slayer Philip Davies has done his usual evil job and blocked yet another potentially useful proposal. Mwhahaha.

Mr. Davies, has so far prevented carers from getting free parking at hospitals, protected landlords from being required to have safe accommodation, stopped any discussion about ending the use of animals in circus acts, stopped landlords (of which he is one) from having to provide smoke alarms, and tried his damnedest to block aid spending commitments. His tactic is the the use of filibustering, where he talks for so long that MPs don’t get the opportunity to vote on a bill. This undemocratic procedure allows evil doers like Mr. Davies to prevent parliament from even being able to debate being able to help people, and Mr. Davies is undoubtedly the master of it.

More comically, one of the reasons that Mr. Davies gave for not wanting kids to learn first aid is that he was taught first aid at school and he can’t remember any of it. On the same basis, we assume he would block any attempt to teach kids how to be a decent human being.

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