Junior doctors – better off working in Lidl

Junior doctors are up in arms about the latest government pay proposals. Their current starting salary is £22,636. That’s not particularly much for someone who has just spent £100,000 on their training. Fortunately they have the opportunity to earn more money by working evening and weekends – that can increase their pay by 50% in some cases.

However, we can’t have that – a £217 a week pay increase just for working weekends and evenings is not what these hard working doctors deserve. That money is needed by bankers. And MPs. So the government has decided to change doctors’ contracts so that normal working hours are 7am to 10pm Monday to Saturday. That effectively moves most people out of overtime, and has been calculated as having an average 30%-40% pay cut. Mwhahaha.

Contrast this to Lidl, who recently announced that all of their employees will get at least the living wage. That means that a Lidl employee in London would earn £19.5k for working 9-5, Monday to Friday. That’s barely less than a junior doctor, but without training or unsociable hours, or the stress of having ill people dying on you all the time.

Junior doctors are not too happy about this, and are proposing to go on strike. But fortunately the government will be all but banning that soon too.

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