Sorry, we’re really not going to help

Earlier in the week we reported how MP Philip Davies urged the prime minister to not help refugees. Fortunately David Cameron has taken his words to heart. Yesterday the European Commission asked all member states to take part in a plan to redistribute all refugees around the continent so that everyone pulls their weight in the refugee crisis (which, just to be clear, is a crisis for the refugees, not a crisis for us). David Cameron confirmed that we are already taking 14 refugees a day from the Syria region, and won’t be helping out by taking anyone from elsewhere in Europe. Mwhahaha.

Essentially, our poorer neighbours in Italy, Greece and Hungary are having to take care of refugees on their own. Greece, if you recall, is so poor that anyone who goes there on holiday is advised to take wads of cash in case the country completely collapses. In July, there were reports of the country being about to run out of food and medicine. And Italy and Hungary aren’t exactly rich countries.

So what is David Cameron’s excuse? Apparently taking in refugees won’t stop the civil war, so there’s no point encouraging them by helping them. It’s like refusing to buy any drinks when it’s your round, just in case the whole pub wants one, and anyway everyone will be thirsty again next week so what’s the point. But still having champagne cocktails when it’s someone else’s round. Mwhahaha.

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