No need to help refugees – someone else will

Tory MP Philip Davies confirmed today what all evil people have been thinking. There is no need for us to help refugees – because someone else will probably help them;

Mr. Davies says that the UKs offer to help with nearly 14 refugees a day is not what the silent majority want. It’s too many. Apparently the silent majority, who are presumably just as evil as Mr. Davies, believe that since a refugee will be just as safe in Germany as they would be here, there’s no need for us to help out – let the Germans do it all. And they are – Germany took in as many people in one day as David Cameron has agreed to take in two years. We might be a very affluent country in comparison to the rest of the world, and even in comparison to most of Europe (we rank 5th in the world, and 2nd in Europe), but that’s no reason for us to want to help those worse off. Yes, we’ll help the rich, banks, the oil industry and arms dealers, but not refugees. Mwhahaha.

It’s a remarkably similar stance to the welfare policy – if we leave people to starve, food banks will cover it. It’s wonderfully evil – rely on other people having compassion to cover for your own complete lack of it.

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