Government dumps all bad news on one day

What do you do when you have multiple pieces of bad news? Release them all on the same day, knowing that the media can’t cover them all at once. Mwhahaha. It’s not a new practice, but the government certainly did it in style yesterday. It had five pieces of news that it didn’t really want to release, but had to, so it dumped them all out in one day. Even more evil, it did it during the parliamentary summer recess when the opposition weren’t able to challenge them on it.

What are these pieces of bad news?

First, the former disability benefits claimants who die shortly after being declared fit for work (even though the information was inconclusive, as we covered yesterday);

Second, the appointing of some truly disgraceful people to the House of Lords;

Thirdly, the immigration figures showing that economic immigration has hit an all time high, 3 times higher than David Cameron committed. Not necessarily a bad thing, but embarrassing given government policy;

Fourthly, while lots of economic migrants are coming in, we are shutting the door on refugees who desperately need our help;

And last but not least, the subsidy on household solar panels is being slashed from 12p to 1p from January, potentially destroying a highly successful industry with misleading claims about the cost to households;

We’ll be covering the evil behind these stories in the coming days.

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