Top economists say Corbyn more realistic than Cameron

Top economists are trying to¬†undermine the government’s economic plans by pointing out that austerity is evil;

In a letter to the Observer, 41 leading economists point out that austerity has not worked, and continuing on this path is not the right course for the country. In addition to these economists, the IMF has repeatedly noted that harsh austerity can never turn round an economy, but instead suppresses economic growth. Austerity simply makes the poor pay for the weaknesses in the economy as opposed to causing an economic recovery. Mwhahaha. Corbyn’s policies of supporting growth through spending are far more in line with conventional economic wisdom, and while left leaning, are far less evil than Osborne and Cameron’s evil ideological crusade against spending. So it’s just as well that the Tories are creating fear to keep him out.

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