Prisons to be filled with illegal immigrants

At the moment, when an illegal immigrant is caught in the UK (as opposed to an asylum seeker), they are meant to be deported. However, that doesn’t happen very efficiently, and there are thought to be many known illegal immigrants living in the UK.

An obvious solution to this would be to deport people as soon as they are found to be actual illegal immigrants. However, the government has a much more evil plan. Instead they are going to jail illegal immigrants for up to 6 months before deporting them. Why is that evil? Because jailing someone for 6 months can cost about £80k.

It’s not just the utter waste of taxpayers money that makes this evil. That cost is hundreds of times as much as we would spend on helping an asylum seeker. Someone who has fled their home or been forced out of it by war and conflict gets just £36.95 a week to live on. We are willing to spend a fortune on punishing people who come here to work illegally, but not willing to spend a fraction of that helping those in need. And since many prisons have been privatized, this will be money going straight in to the pockets of the likes of G4S and Serco. Mwhahaha.

And to add to the stupidity of this plan is the very real problem of prison overcrowding. Our prisons are already completely full, with multiple prisoners being crammed in to cells designed for one. The government recently realized that it has been counting the number of prisoners in overcrowded cells wrong, and there are in fact 20,000 prisoners in overcrowded cells. This is not just an issue of safety, but it also prevents rehabilitation, increases unrest, increases the chance of suicide, and poor health. Anything that needlessly increases the prison population is clearly evil.

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