Government wants to allow more air pollution

Capitalism is great, and while most companies waste their time being not-evil, there are always a few companies who embrace their evil side and will do anything imaginable to make money. Some great examples are slave traders, companies who deal in blood diamonds, the bankers who conspired to fix the Libor. In fact, history shows that some companies would happily kill people if there is a profit in it. In fact the latter is surprisingly common, and all too often government acts as the brake on the evil deeds that companies will do. For example, despite being falsely blamed for everything from banning conkers to forbidding candy-floss with a stick, they have actually cut employee deaths by 87% since 1974.

One of the worst offenders for stopping corporations from being evil are the anti-pollution laws. For example, even though pollution is thought to be the cause of 29,000 early deaths a year, it’s not as bad as the great smog of 1952, which killed a huge number of Londoners. Fortunately our government is redressing the balance, and is helping corporations to again make money at the expense of killing the general populace. The UK government is lobbying the EU to allow a relaxation in the pollution regulations.

In particular, they want a relaxation in the nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions. Sulphur dioxide turns in to sulphuric acid in the air, and is what killed so many people in the great smog. Nitrogen dioxide causes respiratory problems, and can kill – and the UK already has the highest proportion of NO2 violations in Europe already. Both of them also result in huge increases in costs for the NHS too. So why does the government want to allow more of this pollution? Because they are being lobbied by the coal industry, with misinformation about job losses and damage to the economy. In reality, there are only about 3000 coal miners in the UK (who can be retrained) and the losses will mainly be suffered by the owners of the opencast coal mines. To protect those few, the government will kill and hurt a great many people. Mwahaha.

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