Tories vote for brussels sprout pizza

Pizza Express regularly have a vote for a new pizza competition. It allows them to both get free publicity and free market research before launching a new pizza. Imagine if they took that to the extreme and allowed customers to vote for the only pizza they would sell for the next 5 years. Then imagine the staff and management at Zizzi registered to voted using false names, and all voted for Brussels Sprout pizza to try and put Pizza Express out of business. That’s  pretty underhand.

Corbyn pizza

Whatever you think of Jeremy Corbyn, most Tories think that a Labour party under him would be the equivalent of Brussels Sprout pizza – loved by a few, but not to most people’s taste. And a number of Tories have registered to vote in the Labour party elections to get Corbyn in charge;

The Telegraph even encouraged readers to register to vote to try to scupper Labour’s election chances;

Will it work? Of course not – there’s no way enough Tory supporters are going to register to vote, because the truth is that most of them are good honest people. However, the actions of the evil few have thrown the Labour party in to chaos. Mwhahaha. The result of their “support” for Corbyn is to ensure that the public thinks he really is unelectable, and to force the rest of the party to in-fight over what to do about it. What better way to discredit the opposition leader than by claiming that they are so bad that you really want them in charge? Most people will only take away the message that Corbyn must be a bad thing – or why would the Tories want him? With a few well placed press releases, they have ruined his career and completely derailed the opposition for months. Pure evil!

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