Planning laws twisted to push fracking and block wind farms

What do you do when the pesky public isn’t going along with your evil plans? You change the rules to make it harder for them to thwart you. In the case of energy, the government has stacked the planning regulations in favour of it’s anti-environment agenda.

Communities Secretary Greg Clark has said that unless councils complete the planning process within 16 weeks, he will step in and make the decision for them. And he will decide any appeals. No prizes for guessing which way those appeals will go! Mwhahaha.

Government plans to take fracking decisions away from councils in fast-track driveThe government is to fast-track fracking schemes through the planning process, and could take decision-making away from councils where local officials are thought to be taking too long to decide on applications.Under the new measures, Communities Secretary Greg Clark will consider determining applications for shale gas exploration and extraction where councils take longer than the statutory 16 weeks to decide.”By fast tracking any appropriate applications today’s changes will tackle potential hold ups in the system,” Mr Clark said.

The Communities Secretary will also take charge of determining appeals against planning rejections on a case-by-case basis.


Contrast that to the government’s stance on wind farms, where they have decided that local communities must be able to veto them. The beauty is that on their own each policy looks sensible, but the overall trend is pure evil!

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