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Social Care Cap cancelled, £100m wasted

Jeremy Hunt has shelved one of the key Conservative party manifesto promises – to limit care bills to £72,000. This was a key policy that helped secure the grey vote, but it has been dropped within months of being in power. And in supreme evil style it was dropped on a day when parliament wasn’t sitting, ensuring that MPs couldn’t discuss it. And even better – before it was dropped, £100m was spent, much of it with with private companies.  Well done Mr. Hunt. Mwahahaha.

Solar subsidies dropped, Gas and Coal kept

According to a recent parliamentary report on energy subsidies;

the reality is that energy subsidies in the UK are significant, cover all types of energy technology and run to about £12bn a year. Much of this is directed at fossil fuels.


While most of that subsidy goes to the big energy companies, about a third of it goes to renewable energy projects. That’s a massive 0.7% of your total bill!. And as New Scientist notes, the investment can result in a reduction in bills over time. Obviously that can’t be tolerated in an evil society. Yes, these projects employ 30,000 people in small and medium companies the UK. Yes, they generate billions in business. And yes, unlike coal and gas they are on target to be self sufficient without subsidy by 2020. But fortunately the government has done it’s evil best and will be cutting green energy, and by introducing it a day after the summer recess, MPs won’t have a say in it. Mwahahaha.

Travel Expenses

MPs travel expenses are in the spotlight again. Last week, Reading East MP Rob Wilson was spotted to have claimed 9p to drive 300m to the end of his own road;

It sounded silly at the time – penny pinching, but not evil. John Bercow has decided to show him how evil use of tax payers money should be done properly, claiming £172 for travelling a similar distance in a chauffeur driven car, £199 for dinner in a 5 star hotel and £367 to travel to Luton to give a lecture on reforming expenses. Not bad from a speaker elected to reform MPs expenses. Mwahahaha.


We’re starting a long way in to the government’s term – a full 77 days after the general election. So we’ve got 77 acts of evil to catch up on. TLDR – here’s the highlights;

Attempt to bring back fox hunting:

Stop the BBC producing quality programming that competes with Sky:

Repealing the human rights act:

Delay flagship election promise care cap until 2020:

Lift the ban on bee killing pesticides:

Allow companies to sue governments if government actions cause them to lose profit:

Scrap child poverty targets:

Push an extra 300,000 children in to poverty:

Allow fracking under protected wildlife areas:

Roll back the freedom of information act:

Force councils and housing associations to sell off social housing:

Increase court fees to prevent access to justice for all but the rich:

Stop helping the poorest kids go to university:

Give failing schools to failing private companies:

Stop companies having to pay any tax on income brought to the UK from foreign tax havens:

Launch a “National Living Wage” that is £1.95 lower than the “Living Wage”

Increased tax on environmentally friendly cars, cut tax on polluting cars;

Ban encryption on sites like facebook, gmail and paypal:

£1bn of Inheritance tax cuts for the rich:

Allow builders to produce low quality homes:

“Reluctant” 10% pay rise and pension boost for MPs:

Change the “Child Poverty Act” to the “Life Chances Act” – we’ll all forget that child poverty exists.

Investigate how we can charge everyone for using the NHS:

Sell RBS at a taxpayer loss, only available to city investors: