Emotive language trumps facts any day

What happens when you don’t have the facts to back up your evil plan? Simply use emotive language to hide the truth. Want to be especially evil? Look like it’s a slip of the tongue and make sure it chimes with what makes a good news story. Today’s case in point is of course the “swarm” of people.

What do we think of when someone says swarm? Thousands of wasps or ants invading our picnic. Is there actually a swarm? Well, of the 185,000 asylum seekers entering Europe across the Med, there are 3,000 waiting in Calais to be judged on whether they are genuine asylum seekers or economic migrants. Of those 3,000, a few hundred have attempted to force their way in to the tunnel. That’s about one train carriage worth. When Eurotunnel say that thousands of migrants attempted to force their way in, what they meant was a few hundred trying and failing repeatedly. This is the same Eurotunnel who wants £13m from the government to beef up security, such as mending their fences that have been broken for the past 10 years. So, no, it’s not a “swarm”, but the language works wonderfully for both Eurotunnel and the government doesn’t it? Mwhahaha!

Cameron is a fantastic Prime Minister for using evil language to mislead the masses. Other great examples are;

Budget deficit will not be dealt with by “just hitting either the rich or the welfare scrounger”

Without actually pointing to any benefits scroungers, he implied that they are a real problem. When in fact the truth is that the majority of the welfare budget goes on the ring fenced pensions used to buy the grey vote, and people on long term benefits are very few and far between. Mwhahaha!

Another example is helping “hard working families“. Who are these hard working families? We don’t have to say. Mwhahaha! It certainly wasn’t the 3 million poorest working people who are worse off after the last budget Mwhahaha.

And what about “wealth creators”? What a brilliantly evil euphemism for “wealth holders”. Lets pretend that the bosses who manage to keep the lion’s share of the businesses income are more worthy than the workers who actually bring in that income. Mwhahaha.

Best of all – the “benefits merry-go-round”. In the greatest act of evil yet, David Cameron said he wanted to end the merry-go-round of taxing with one hand and giving back benefits with the other. Everyone assumes he means to balance benefit cuts with tax cuts, but instead he simply cut benefits, leaving the poor much worse off. Mwhahaha.

Next time you want to do something evil, simply disguise it with meaningless phrases that appeal to tabloid media.

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