Evil Fail – Torture victims to be allowed to prove their case

Asylum seekers. They’re so inconsiderate. They get themselves tortured, or their government threatens to kill them, or they flee from fighting. And then they travel half way round the world to try and find a safe refuge. The UK is awash with them – a massive 126,000 asylum seekers are living in the UK – that’s almost 0.2% of the population. And what do they do when granted asylum? They only go and work, recently contributing positively to the economy – showing everyone up (each Briton is a significant negative contribution to the economy on average – that’s why our deficit is going up). It’s just not on.

Fortunately the government came up with a fantastic plan to cut this overwhelming tide of people seeking refuge from certain harm. They came up with a plan no-one can object to – fast track the asylum hearings so that we can weed out any cheats as soon as possible. But here’s the clever bit. While waiting for their case to be heard, lock them up with no access to the outside world so they can’t gather any evidence to support their case, and can’t talk to any legal representatives, and rush the process so much that they don’t have time to prepare. Here’s a classic example;

An Afghan arrived in the UK in 2010 and claimed asylum on the basis of threats he had received while working at a US base. He was fast tracked. His claim was rejected on the basis that he was lying about his role: he was unable to obtain good proof in the short time available. He was lucky to be released and once he was released he was then able to contact his previous employers and get references and solid proof that he had been telling the truth. Five years later, he has belatedly been granted status by the Home Office but for some reason not yet recognised as a refugee

Source: freemovement.org.uk

End result – only 41% of asylum seekers are allowed to stay. Mwhahaha.

Now the Court of Appeal has ruled that this is structurally unfair, and overturned the great evil that was achieved. They believe it’s not right to lock people up and try them without a fair hearing. Once again our independent judiciary have applied the rule of law to government processes, thwarting all of the evil. This cannot be allowed! Fortunately, instead of giving in and doing away with the bad practices, the government is spending taxpayers money appealing to a higher court. This evil is not over yet!

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