Senior government figure’s private life conflicts with job

News has reached us of a senior government figure doing things in his private life that is incompatible with his role in public life. This senior figure was responsible for keeping his peers behaving to the highest standards, while in his private life secretly behaving in the most despicable manner. And what happened to him when those double standards were uncovered ? Nothing. Nothing at all.

This government official, known as Mr Arthur Weasley was  employed by the  Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office, and knowingly harboured a flying car, amongst many other things.


When that flying car was borrowed by his son and flown in full view of the public, it was on the front page of the Evening Prophet, yet Arthur got away scot-free. Why? Despite it making the news, there was no newspaper hounding for his resignation, and by and large the public didn’t care. It didn’t hurt them, and didn’t stop him doing his job well.

Fortunately we do not live in such a benign society. When Lord Sewel was caught (entrapped?) taking drugs at a sex party, the media bayed for his resignation, and David Cameron in his best combination of moderate but evil suggested that perhaps it was best if he went. And so without due process, a highly competent cross bench peer is no longer working for the country. On the same day that David Cameron suggested adding 50 new Conservative peers to the House of Lords no less. Mwhahaha.

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