Legal aid cuts deny access to justice for all but the rich

For far too long, Legal Aid has allowed access to the justice system for all and sundry. Well, unless they have a household income of over £37,500. And unless they were thought to likely not win. And of course they have to pay it back if found guilty. And even if you aren’t guilty, you may not get all of your defence costs back, as MP Nigel Evans found out:

With all this money freely thrown around, fat cat criminal lawyers were bringing in an average turnover of £56,000 (leaving them with a massive £35k a year before tax!). Obviously we must both stop this rampant access to the legal system, and cut the lawyers wages, which after all is nearly 2/3 what a tube driver gets. Fortunately in a righteous act of evil former justice secretary Chris Grayling slashed solicitors fees by 17.5%, with the goal of putting 2/3 of current criminal legal aid firms out of the legal aid business. Not only will that focus all of the lovely government money in the hands of a few big businesses (Tesco Legal anyone?), it will also prevent the little people clogging up the courts. Mwhahaha.

In an effort to thwart this evil, as of today solicitors and barristers are refusing to take some new work. However we have every confidence that evil will triumph!

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